Lot code inspection

Lot code inspection


This inspection system is a powerful tool technologically evolved to control ink jet  marking (lot code) on cans after marking phase. While cans move on the conveyor, optical unit (camera + light system) located close to ink mark station, and connected with CPU unit allow lot code inspection. It can handle a large amount of codes and recipes. It can also be connected to an ejection system to discard the faulty containers. The electrical cabinet and the structure is made in stainless steel.

KEY FEATURES                                                                                    

  • Camera supports and CPU cabinet made in Stainless steel.
  • System will able to be connected with ink marker in order to verify marking compliance.
  • Every not compliant can will be removed from conveyor by push rejector
  • Detection presence and OCR reading of lot code.
  • Format changeover completely automatic.
  • Data Protection by password.
  • Storage of all settings and parameters for each format.
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface.


  • Push Rejector REJ-1-V with linear actuator.
  • Remote managements of the system for help online
  • Add up to five cameras to check the entire container

English PDF Brochure