ENOS Mass Spectrometer

ENOS Mass Spectrometer “Sniffer” System which is described as a vapor analysis system designed to detect and remove consumer returned contaminated plastic Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) refillable soft drink bottles from refilling (RefPet or PRB) lines.

Upon return of the reusable PET bottles, they are washed and refilled. Prior to refilling, these bottles are inspected for consumer added contaminants. If a foreign substance is detected, the bottles are automatically removed from the production line and destroyed. The non-contaminated bottles continue on to be washed, cleaned, and refilled.  The ENOS Mass Spec “Multi-Barrier System” is the product designed to detect and reject these contaminated bottles as they are returned for refilling.

ENOS Mass Spec and Multi-Barrier Technology


  • Reduction of Consumer Complaints protects brand value
  • Strong gasoline, NOx, and PEx contaminated bottles are removed from the line prior to inspection by the Mass Spectrometer, allowing optimal final inspection prior to the bottle washer
  • ENOS Mass Spectrometer Module installed downstream of the ENOS A100™ and ENOS Vision Module
  • Savings from reduced false rejects


ENOS Mass Spec System

The ENOS Mass Spec is very sensitive to hydrocarbons, both aromatic and aliphatic., with detection limits in the microLiter (µL) range.  Below is 1 µL at the tip of a syringe needle to illustrate the how small 1 µL actually is.


2nd Barrier Station: ENOS Mass Spec System