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Established in 2007, ENOS Engineering’s main product is the ENOS  A100 “Sniffer” System which is described as a vapor analysis system designed to detect and remove consumer returned contaminated plastic Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) refillable soft drink bottles from refilling (RefPet or PRB) lines.

Upon return of the reusable PET bottles, they are washed and refilled. Prior to refilling, these bottles are inspected for consumer added contaminants. If a foreign substance is detected, the bottles are automatically removed from the production line and destroyed. The non-contaminated bottles continue on to be washed, cleaned, and refilled.  The ENOS  “Multi-Barrier System” is the product designed to detect and reject these contaminated bottles as they are returned for refilling.

At about the same time as when the ENOS A100 was released to the market, a major soft drink company expressed interest in ENOS developing a Multi-Barrier Sniffer System, which would incorporate the  technology as part of the Multi-Barrier System, and a Mass Spectrometer as the final inspection station to safeguard the production line from any contaminated bottles that would not be detected by the current system.

The problem with Mass Spec technology is that it is mainly used in a laboratory “clean” environment.  As a sole inspection system, the technology responds poorly in an industrial environment.  Highly concentrated NOx and hydrocarbon bottles contaminate the Mass Spec detection module, causing the Mass Spec to temporarily go “blind” for 15 to 20 bottles following a contaminated bottle.  The technology could perform optimally if the bottle float was cleaned of these bottles prior to the Mass Spec.  With a Multi-Barrier model, the ENOS A100 technology would detect and reject these highly concentrated NOx and hydrocarbon bottles prior to inspection by the Mass Spec., allowing the Mass Spec to operate at sensitive detection levels without becoming blind and causing high false reject levels.

Why Choose ENOS?

Highest accuracy for the most severe contaminants

Proven reduction of consumer complaints

Lowest false reject rate

Designed to handle extreme environments

Removal of Visual Inspectors