Labels, Lot & Barcode Inspection


Labels, Lot & Barcode Inspection


This vision system checks the correct labelling of
bottles or other containers directly in labelling
machine. High definition camera and with specific
illuminators the system can check the correct
position, orientation and integrity of the label. It is
used also to check lot code and barcode. It can handle
a large amount of codes and recipes. The system can
be composed by several cameras (up to six) to inspect
more labels at the same time. It can also be connected
to a rejection system to discard the bad container.

KEY FEATURES                                                 

– Label presence detection
– Detection of correct positioning and integrity
– Detection of label rotated with tear or fold at the edges
– Detection presence and inspection of barcode, lot code and 2D data matrix
– Detection of repeated written and stain inside labels
– Complete statistical management of the production
– Data Protection by password
– Storage of all settings and parameters for each format ve touchscreen interface

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